PSU Art 100

The selected student work shown in this gallery is from an undergraduate general education art class.  Students enrolled in this class were not typically art majors.  This class acted as an introduction to both contemporary art theory and making.  Students encountered a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, photography (shown) performance and video (not shown).  Included here are works from assignments exploring the intersections of image and text, image and image, and image and object as well as explorations of body modification and sequencing.

PSU Beginning Sculpture

Students enrolled in beginning sculpture explored beginning sculpture methods and materials.  In this course we explored the notions of monumentality by enlarging smaller objects using foam construction and carving methods and applying a skim coat to smooth and refine the surface.  We worked with the notion of multiples and learned basic two-part plaster mold making and simple plaster and wax casting. Finally we explored space using planar wood constructions in which students altered and interupted the way that space was experienced by adding simple plywood installations.

OSU Art and Curriculum Concepts for Teachers

Art and Curriculum Concepts is a required course for elementary teachers seeking licensure.  In this class we discuss material and methods for integrating art into the regular elementary classroom.  Student works shown here involve explorations into art making, artists, and art curriculum.  We researched artists and dressed up and performed their works (Oldenburg, Flavin, and Beuys are shown).  Using collage methods we reappropriated picture books to explore how image and text are interwined in early childhood education literacy. As an introductory exercise  we worked in groups building and naming structures we viewed as foundational to a classroom community this culminated in a discussion of community investment. Documentation of material explorations are shown next- in this class I spend a large portion of it helping students gain first-hand experience with materials and I ask that students generate a portfolio and  reflective paper to accompany these exploration.  The last group of images shows student explorations of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Elementary Age Handbuilt Clay

During this community education class elementarty age children explored an array of ceramic handbuilding techniques including pinching, coiling, solid construction, and slab building in relation to their visual culture interersts.  Children worked with surface and texture to add complexity to their self portraits and tile work.  They worked with plaster and stain to create thin tiles and to explore the basics of slip casting.  Finally low fire glaze techniques were explored.

Elementary Age Printmaking

During this community education class elementary age children worked with a variety of printmaking techniques including monoprint, linoleum block printing, stamping and stamp making, styrofoam printing, paper marbling, and serigraphy.  We explored abstraction and repetitive design principles and children were able to explore their personal interests in contemporary tropes of visual culture.

Drawing with Pre-K

During this community education class for pre-k we explored various ways of mark making.  Many of these explorations involved physical and material explorations of space and the body interspersed with tradition notions of play.  Our activities included drawing with black and red ink  with soft paintbrushes and cray pas and watercolor (pictured) as well as making marks using flagging tape and string to map space and then creating a birds eye view translation on paper.  Finally we explored different painting implements including spraybottles. 

Community Education Play-based Artmaking

Kids in this play-based day camp were afforded choice-based opportunities to create art.  We explored various artmaking events including creating a community made pinata and individual paper mache creations, marbling paper, tie-dying, and with younger children we worked on painting and paper creations.

Freedom Schools

I worked one-on-one with this students to create an artwork with freedom school summer school high school and middle school attendees.  With this particular project we worked with the student's interest in hand drawing lettering and she designed the letters, cut out the stencil, and create the photographic composition. The freedom program works with urban youth to empower them to discover historical and political roots of African American communities, to promote reading, self-esteem and positive outlook.  We focused on these photos, sparkles, ribbons, and positive words in an attempt to celebrate beauty and positive perspectives.

Ninth Grade Masks

During this mask exploration we worked with large balloons and other forms to create wearable and performable three dimensional objects.  Students chose visual culture characters and personal ideas and textures to finish their masks.  Some students worked together to make more complex masks while others broke out on their own.  After the masks were complete we had a performative photoshoot/catwalk/showcase of the completed works.

Ninth Grade Handbuilt Heads

As part of the elective art class sculpture, students created oversized coilbuilt pots.  Students had to master the basics of coil consruction and water management to create these larger than life head pots.  After mastering basic hand building techniques students were afforded the opportunity to design and embellish the heads to create portraits or to develop characters.

Ninth Grade Watercolor

Working with the big idea of change as it applies to the life of ninth graders students were asked to come up with a front and a back to a sketchbook that they would paint with tube watercolors and later fill with life/observation drawings.  Students were prompted to create an initial image that could be slightly altered to show an understanding of change and how to make it visible with art.  Students were introduced to fine art watercolors and watercolor techniques.

Ninth Grade Activist Stencils and Pastels

After studying the activism of street artist students created activist stencil works of their own. Using stencils and pastels student designed an issues based work.  Students were prompted to identify an issue that they were interested in and to design a symbol that could be translated into a stencil.  Once the stencil design was created students were prompted to create a colorful and related pastel background that added meaning to the stencil.   Students then sprayed the stencil over the pastel.