The selected student work shown in this gallery from two different classes.  The first is from a non-major art class at the Pennsylvania State University and the second is from mixed (major and non-major) art education class at the University of Texas El Paso.


The images shown here explore visual storytelling.  The masks and drawings that follow them are responses to children's visual storytelling.  The collages are explorations of visual storytelling through the altering of children's books.

Costume and Performance

These works are from a classes taught at UTEP, OSU, and PSU.  Here students were asked to create wearable works and to consider the performance of the work or how the works interacted with the body.


The works on this page explore notions of multiples in artmaking.  Some created wearable works while others worked with multiples as sculpture or as painting.

Contemporary Processes

This work explores contemporary processes and forms of making including: examination of the repetition of everyday activities, using Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter to reimagine the process of papel picado a traditional Mexican folk art, and using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter to create art games.

Big Ideas

These works explore the use of Big Ideas in creating meaningful expressions and accompanying lesson plans.  In Introduction to Art Education students created collages that expressed Big Ideas through the accumulation of images. In projects and practices students reviewed ideas in contemporary artworks from Art 21 and created works related to those ideas.  Students also created ceramic trees of life where they reconsidered the tree metaphor for contemporary times.

Monuments and Monumentality

In these art works students explored ideas of monumentality in art and examined contemporary issues surrounding monuments. 

Artmaking and Pedagogy

These images capture student explorations of the relationship between materials, artmaking, and pedagogy.  Some images depict material explorations while others explore pedagogical approaches to engaging materials in instructional practice.

Ninth Grade Art Works

This work was made by nineth graders in both a required general art class and an elective sculpture class.  They created wearable masks, sketchbook covers expressing the big idea change using watercolor, and activist artworks using stencils, spraypaint, and pastels.

Community Education

The works shown here come from two different community education sites.  The first group of works come from working closely with three students during a summer Freedom School program.  The rest were created in a play based community program.

Drawing with Pre-K

These drawings are a collection of young children's drawings completed across a range of sites and experiences. 


The work depicted here is from two elementary age classes - one focused on working with clay and the other printmaking.