Playground Research

Using my camera I collected images of children and children's spaces.  This research involved both ethnographic note taking and the images in order to theorize and visualize spaces of early childhood.  Please follow the link to view the resulting Bank Street Occasional Paper, Visualizing Spaces of Childhood.


My dissertation involves the study of play and artmaking in early childhood education after the material turn.  This research involves ethnographic note taking and gathering of data through video documentation.  Ontologies of children and materials are examined as children, explore, play, and make.


My thesis,  I(magining)-Thou and Imac: The (Im)possible Possible, explored storytelling as relational intergenerational activity and play between adults, children, and visual culture.  Using layered storytelling this thesis explores the connections made through imaginative play and playing with. I mined the stories that my grandfather crafted for my brothers and I when we were children and I explore how those stories implied an adult interest in children's culture stemming from an interest in children's interests and I shared these stories with the next generation of children.